Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Two Enlightening Poems

Breaking out of the Egg of Creation

Like a chicken in an egg ready to be hatched
Wanting to be released into space, unattached.
The waking state keeps me covered, a shell in place
Like an egg shell, mind covers freedom and space.
The Pure Self illuminates the mind and then
The mind thinks it is self-luminous and a friend.
That power of the Self now penetrates the mind
This makes me believe it is real, not sublime.

I am wanting to make this break
From this human emotional quake.
The ego is stuck on the illusory wheel
“I am born and someday I will die.”
As long as I remain fixed to this identity
I remain bound from Self’s serenity.
Not knowing the truth that I am I, alone
Never born and never becoming a stone.

Pure Self alone all this is
No separation or karmic biz.
The Self illuminates mind and ego’s needs
But that Self is needless and forever frees.
The Self forever the same can break out
Of mind’s pride and endless doubt.
The knowledge of Self who we truly are
Breaks me free from the body's car.
The illusory ego is then broken
I am free to fly and this can be spoken.
The emanation of the Being is forever, needless, and free
We already are this, so live in total freedom, just be!

Dec. 15, 2011
Himalayas, India

Under the Umbrella of Shyam

We are under the umbrella of Shyam
The blue/black space of eternal calm.
The purity of all is there
No need to shield in despair.
Just like the air becomes still
Or wild and without care.
The space of Shyam remains forever
Moving or still, most highly clever.

The purity alone is, but can be hidden
Behind the cloud of the mind it’s sitting.
As the sun dissolves the clouds into sky space
Fire of knowledge dissolves mind without a trace.
When the clouds of thoughts are cleared away
What remains is You, so now let that stay.
Pure, free, forever you already are
Just abide by it, it's never far.

Nov. 10, 2011
Himalayas, India

Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Truth about Meditation and Samaadhi

When we speak about what meditation is and is not, we can start with a definition of the word “meditate.” Webster says that to meditate is, “to think deeply or focus one's mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.”

This definition is a start, but to practice it one would need to know more. Also, with just this information many misconceptions about what meditation really is can arise. Therefore, my working definition will be: “Meditation is a state of higher awareness, awareness of your true Self which is pure, free and forever.”  If we use Webster’s definition then we would think that meditation is only a focusing technique. However, the state of meditative awareness can occur spontaneously, such as, by being in the company of a long time meditator, by listening to a talk on meditation, or just by closing your eyes and watching. Therefore, we need to expand the definition and to do this first we will explore what meditation is not.

In the Transformation Meditation Teachers Training Manual the basic misconceptions of meditation practice are discussed along with the true meaning of what meditation is.

Misconception 1: The state of yoga or union with the Self is achieved when the thoughts in the mind are controlled.

Thoughts do not need to be controlled. Your mind is a field of thoughts and they appear without your invitation. When you come to know that your thoughts are waves of perception that you, as the Self, use to perceive the world, then your thoughts are not problems that have to be controlled. They appear from the Source, or Pure Consciousness, and you can observe them as they return back to that same Source. When you follow these thoughts back to the Source, or experience the space between your thoughts, you are united with the Self. When ice is heated, it turns to water and then steam, which dissolves back into space. H20 can appear in different forms, such as clouds, ocean waves, ocean foam, ice, steam, etc., but it is the same substance. In the same way, your thoughts can be seen as energy in a more solid form appearing as words, and then as more subtle perceptions, or waves, which you can observe as they dissolve back into the Pure Consciousness field of your awareness. Just as we know the ocean is all water even though we may perceive waves, spray or foam, we can also know that thoughts are all Pure Consciousness.

Now that this is cleared up, we can continue on with the discussion of the truth about meditation. The question will arise: “If you do not control your thoughts in meditation then what do you do?” The answer is that you just close your eyes and watch the space in front of your closed eyes. The instruction is to watch as it is; in this watching that you become aware that you are the watcher or witness of all the changing thoughts. Therefore, you can de-identifying with the thoughts and remain the Knower of your thoughts. You become aware that you are not your thoughts, as you are the one who is knowing or watching your thoughts.

The techniques of meditation, such as using a mantra or watching the breath, are just preliminary methods to allow you to begin to watch rather than to drift off with all the changing thoughts. When you follow all of your thoughts that is called day dreaming and not meditation. It becomes meditation when you, as the watcher or Knower of your mind, direct the attention back to the mantra that you are repeating, or when you direct the attention to watching your breath.  By doing this you are remaining the watcher or Knower and de-identitifying with the changing thoughts. You become aware that you are the watcher, or subject, and the thoughts are what you are watching or knowing, as the object.  If you, for some time, follow the thoughts then that is fine as you cannot control your mind. Thoughts just come from nowhere, like your hair grows without your control and thoughts come and go without your control. When you go to sleep at night, you lie down on your bed, tuck yourself in and wait for sleep to come. In the same way when you meditate you close your eyes, watch the space in front of your closed eyes, repeat the mantra or watch the breath, and become aware of the Knower of the thoughts and breath. Then meditation occurs by itself. Remember and practice the definition I gave about meditation, “A state or higher awareness.”

Patanjali in his great work on the yoga sutras, says in his
Yog Darshan, III: 2,

Tatra pratyya-aikataanataa dhyaanam

Dhyaan, or meditation, occurs when the attention of the mind flows in conscious continuity and opens up to the awareness of its own knowingness. ( From: The Sootras of Patanjali Yog Darshan: Concise Rendition, by Robert William Eaton)

To remain in the awareness of your own knowingness, means to remember the Knower. The space behind your thoughts, or the space when all the thoughts dissolve back into that space, is what remains when you allow your thought to just pass by. You remain as You, the Knower, or Pure Knowingness, and that You is pure, free, and forever.  That is meditation!

Samaadhi is not the type of transcendence whereby you no longer exist and you are unconscious, as it often sounds like when it is described as transcendence. Samaadhi is when the buddhi (dhi), or intellect, is sam, or even.  The Sage Patanjali says in Yog Darshan, III:3,

Tad-ayv-aarth-maatra-nirbhaasam swaroop-shoonyam-iv samaadhi

In that same dhyaan, or meditation, when only the essential purity of the focus of meditation shines in the meditator’s mind, as if the mind’s dualistic nature has dissolved and become absorbed into the pure space of the Self. That is samaadhi, the state of indivisibility or oneness in the meditator.

When in the state of samaadhi there is no longer the dualistic vision of you as a Knower, and a space that is being known. There is only You, the Knower, or the purity of space. When the intellect is absorbed back into the space from where it arose, just like a cloud dissolves into the blue sky and now there is no cloud, in the same way the wave of perception or thought is dissolved into You, the pure Knower-space or Pure Knowingness itself. Samaadhi is the Eternal Being. In samaadhi there is no desire or craving for anything as you are completely fulfilled and free just by being left alone with your true Self. Nothing else is needed.  All the clouds of the mental thoughts, feelings and forms have now dissolved back into the Source or clear space. That space is now You, the Pure Knowingness and all is peaceful and free. Samaadhi is your true state or true nature as it is always there behind all of the thoughts and experiences. The space of your purity gets covered by the mind, therefore, when the mind is absorbed in that space, what remains is the true You, pure, free and forever.

Shree the Director of Transformation Meditation Online Institute. She is available for individual Self Realization sessions on Skype to help you to become aware of the identification with your mind and thoughts and to guide you to the knowledge of your true Self, forever one and blissful. It has been said that even a few sessions of Self Realization Counseling will break your chain of suffering and can give you more than you would get in many years of traditional psychotherapy. Listen to Shree's, Free 5 Minute Doubt Free Mediation MP3, Click Here

Friday, 16 December 2011

Breaking out of the Egg of Creation

Breaking out of the Egg of Creation
by Shree

Himalayas, India, Dec. 15, 2011,

Like a chicken in an egg ready to be hatched
Wanting to be released into space, unattached.
The waking state keep me covered, a shell in place
Like an egg shell, mind covers freedom and space.
The Pure Self illuminates the mind and then
The mind thinks it is self-luminous and a friend.
That power of the Self now penetrates the mind
This makes me believe it is real, not sublime.

I am wanting to make this break
From this human emotional quake.
The ego is stuck on the illusory wheel
“I am born and someday I will die.”
As long as I remain fixed to this identity
I remain bound from Self’s serenity.
Not knowing the truth that I am I, alone
Never born and never becoming a stone.

Pure Self alone all this is
No separation or karmic biz.
The Self illuminates mind and ego’s needs
But that Self is needless and forever frees.
This Self forever the same can break out
Of the mind’s limited pride and endless doubt.
This Self is who we truly always are
Knowing this I break from this body car.
The illusory ego is now broken
I am free to fly and this can be spoken.
The emanation of the Being is forever, needless, and free
We already are this, so live in total freedom, just be!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Eight Steps to Self Realization, by Shree

If you are like me, or most people who journey onto the path of Self-Realization, you want to know how to be free from the problems and difficulties that you find as a human being on earth.

Maybe you have studied many different psychological theories, spiritual teachings, methods and techniques but you want to find the most efficacious and clear way to realize That which is the truth of your own Being, to fulfill the purpose of your life. There are so many books, scriptures, masters, teachers, disciplines, and systems of enlightenment, so you may feel overwhelmed with information and ideas. You just want to find a clear-cut, easy-to-follow system that takes the minimum amount of time and effort and brings about the maximum results.

We all want to experience freedom from pain, fear, agitation, anxiety, worry and doubt. To be relaxed, peaceful, loving and easy you have to start from where you are: a human being with a body, a mind, senses and all the conditions, concept and beliefs that have been developed from a lifetime of practice and repetition. When you were born as a baby, before your mind developed and filled with so many thoughts and conditions, you were naturally blissful. We all love to look at a newborn baby or little toddler. We see the pure bliss bubble that they are and the unobstructed light in their eyes. From observing the inherent bliss of a baby, we can see that as soon as the mind develops problems begin along with the thoughts in the mind. Through our thinking process we can now analyze that in deep sleep there are no problems, worries or concerns. The problems on the level of the body and mind only arise in the waking state of consciousness. The human mind has to develop so that he or she can interact and function in the world. However, this very development of the human mind can also limit his or her happiness and fulfillment in life, unless the mind is purified through meditation and highest knowledge.

As human beings we can be victims to the human condition, subject to the functioning of a body, mind and senses. The body, being a bundle of nerves, blood, organs, bones, skin and senses, has a physiological functioning that is often not in our direct, voluntary control. We have to admit that we are not the sole doer. There is another force or power that is moving our body and mind and from that unseen power all the movement occurs. The knowledge of the systems of meditation gives you the solution to all your human difficulties. All suffering has one and only one cause. And when you know that cause is ignorance of the true Self then you can know the solution.

Through the study and practice of meditation you become aware that as long as you are starting from the idea that you are a human being, limited to your body and mind, you will remain ignorant of the true Self. Then all the problems mentioned above will have to occur. Just like the eyes are made to see, the ears are made to hear, the human system is made to enjoy and to suffer; to experience pain and pleasure and to react to various different stimuli in order to fulfill all of the human desires.  First you need food and shelter in order to take care of the physical system. And when those physical desires are fulfilled then mental desires come about, experienced by a craving from the physiological system, so that you can have more comfort, ease and happiness for your mind and body. The human being keeps striving for more and more, bigger and better, as there is a sense of lack in the waking state with the unending desire to fulfill it. This mechanism is useful and productive. It keeps society advancing and creating more technological, ecological and economic advances. This mechanism only becomes a detriment when it's based on greed, jealousy, fear and self-aggrandizement. Then the mindset is based on getting individual needs and desires fulfilled by neglecting and destroying the environment and the lifestyle of others. Therefore, it is how one operates the mechanism that will lead to the highest vision with mutual support and appreciation of the whole.

We need to have a human system to function in this world. The baby is born helpless, but grows into awareness and develops skills to function in the world. The physical system is used and the mind begins to think about how to get what it needs and wants. But you've discovered that this longing and discomfort in the human system does not end just by getting what you think you want and fulfilling your desires. There is always more wanting and desiring just around the corner. This is how the human system works. It is not your fault and you cannot change this functioning of the human system. But there is a tried and true path for you to follow, that will lead you out of all human suffering.

The solution to this dilemma is not in the waking state. As long as you are in the waking state the system continues to act in the way that it was meant to function. Without higher awareness you are completely identified as being that human system, or mind and body. If you remain tagged or rooted only to your physical system, as a human being, you will continue to enjoy and suffer. The solution, then, is not to remain only a human being but to awaken to a higher state of consciousness. Since the cause of all suffering is ignorance of your true Self then the solution is knowledge of your true Self.

Since you have to start from where you are, you accept that you have become a human being; that you are awake in the waking state. Then you can bring in the discrimination that you are the Knower of your mind and body and not limited to your thoughts and physiological suffering. Whenever the mind arises in the waking state, you need to have a method to bring your attention back to the Knower, to dissolve the mind into its source which is forever, free and blissful. This method is the practice of meditation, higher thinking and Self awareness.

This system of the Eight Steps to Self-Realization, by Shree and the Eight Reflections on Meditation, by Brijendra have been specifically developed to allow you to remember the source or who you are as the pure, free and forever blissful being. To awaken you into higher consciousness. In this state of highest awareness you know the bliss of your true self is self-effulgent and not dependent on fulfilling your desires or on having any particular situation change. In any situation that you find yourself in, you can bring in this awareness and meditate on who you truly are. Your body continues to function and your life continues as it is, but you can remain in a state free from all the agitation and worry that is inevitable if you are living only in the waking state of consciousness. You don’t have to expect anything more of the waking state then what it is capable of providing but you know the way out. Most psychological therapies are limited as they are designed to make you feel more comfortable in the waking state or to reduce your stress, anxiety or depressions but they do not allow you to experience and know your own free state of being which is self-effulgent and not dependent on anyone or anything else.

In Psychology this can be known as the transpersonal self, as it is beyond that which you consider your personal reality. However, it is not only transpersonal as it is a state of Oneness with the Whole so it includes it all. Knowing the Self, forever free that you are, is the solution state and answer to all of your concerns and difficulties. This is the Vision of Oneness; you become aware of yourself as One with the whole which is like the sky or Pure Consciousness. You need to make this shift to know the Oneness which is the true Knower and your true I. Then all the solutions will come to you from this higher state of consciousness as it is the very solution state.

Again, if you are at all like me or like most people, you find that there is just too much to do. So adding anything more makes you feel defeated before you have even begun. That is why we developed the Eight Steps to Self-Realization and Eight Reflections on Meditation. You can apply these steps and reflections at any time during your day, regardless of what you are doing. They are strengthened when you take even a few moments in silent meditation or by just listening to the recordings. But they are also applicable to use whenever your mind brings you to a state of pain or suffering. After some time of listening to them they become a part of you, as they are you. Then it will become effortless to practice at anytime. Just like it is now effortless for you to know when someone calls your name, you know that is you. In the same way you will come to know the Knower as your true nature – pure, free and forever.

These recordings can be listened to over and over again as then this knowledge will always remain with you. Everything we have learned has been learned through repetition. You learned your name so thoroughly, starting when your parents, siblings and then teachers called you by that name over and over again. Therefore, you already know how to learn who you are. From past repetition you learned that you are a name and a form and then later on you learned your qualifications. Now you need a new learning and this learning will be that you are Pure Consciousness, forever free and blissful.

Listen to these podcast recordings and enjoy the space of who you already are. Live that in your daily life and remain fulfilled and free! Click Here to read more...

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Poetry by Shree

 Creeper of Love, by Shree ( Sherrie Wade)

The creeper of love crept into my being
I was just space but when I saw your face,
A sense of delight came like a flash
Filled me with unity of the world’s mash.
But, I became one and you as another
The two of us separate and needing each other.
Unity appeared but forms never really connect
Bodies remain always separate and erect.

But, when I truly love it all dissolves
No such sense of you and me remains.
Love is eternal and not bound with form
Yet the form claims it and suffering adorns.

To remain in love is the knowledge supreme
This highest love is our eternal dream.
One love, one space, regardless of form
Its elements dissolve into the storm.
The clouds, sun and stars are the same pure space
The earth. wind, and fire are all of God’s grace.

No separate element belongs to me
I am the whole and all dissolves in me.
That Me is the love I was so desperately seeking
One Being alone is the transcendence of all thinking.

Sun’s Light on the Peaks, by Shree (Sherrie Wade)

The sun setting in the West lights up Eastern peaks
The rays of light create sunlight’s image that speaks.
Soon the sun will fully set
No light reflected or in debt.
The mountain has no light of its own
It will no longer be seen or lit all alone.

The eyes see from the Self’s light
The myriad of forms totally bright.
Without knowing Self’s reflection
One never knows nature’s perfection.
The light of the Self lights body and mind
The world of forms experienced but kind.

Without the Self’s light, eyes would not see a flower
They would only see darkness, all around world tower.
You create your world through your own lit vision
Borrowed from the Self is your sight’s decision.
You shine though eyes so vision is bright
The power of the Self is eternal light.

So why do you think that the world is reality?
When the power to know is Self’s lit modality.
You are lit with the light of Self’s maize
Like the mountain is lit by sun’s rays.
The Self lights you like sun on the mountain top
When it subsides you sleep and that you cannot stop.

You never think that the mountain is the light alone
So why do you think that your light is in your bone?
The light that lights you up is who you are
That power of knowledge, your source’s star.
So know the Self’s I, the pure light supreme
Then you can awaken from this worldly dream.

You are my Holiday, by Shree (Sherrie Wade)

I used to work and wait for the day
That I could rest and go away.
My mind would be fixed on the upcoming holiday
Getting though each moment to soon fly away.
To rest on a beach or climb up to a mountain top
To find a space that was peaceful and relaxed.
But my mind came with me and it took some time
To let it settle and forget the daily ruminating grime.
Maybe after a few days or a week
My mind forgot its suffering and would speak.
That now I am relaxed but have to return
To work and my daily routine to again earn.

Now it has changed as I am One alone
The holiday is always at my true home.
My attention moved from the changing thoughts in the mind.
To the source of the mind where I am forever aligned.
The Pure Self alone is the eternal space that I know
The holiday is at my home in my daily meditation show.

The mind’s thoughts are like the wind through growing trees
Which come from seeds, become full, and move in the breeze.
The source, Pure Self, never moves as it is unchanging
Now my heart is rejoicing forever and is free ranging.
You are my holiday, the One Self so happy and free
Unmoving, unchanging and never needing rearranging.
You are my holiday, so I never need to go away
I am You forever, everywhere, so here I stay.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

What is Transformation Meditation?

What is Transformation Meditation?

Transformation Meditation, also called Doubt Free Meditation, is adapted from the system of yogic meditation described in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. It is based on observing or focusing on the space of Pure Consciousness, or the Knower of all experiences. You can utilize the ancient Sanskrit mantra, Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum, or the English, I am immortal, I am blissful, or any other mantra that you choose. Your breath or the source of your breath can also be focused on as a concentration point. This system includes all the aspects of other mantra meditation techniques, as well as the observing methods of Mindfulness Meditation, with the added awareness of the Pure Knowingness, or space that exists at the source, behind all the thoughts and techniques. It suggests that you de-identify with the changing thoughts in the mind and bring the attention to the Knower, who is the experiencer or watcher of all the thoughts and forms. Through this de-identification process you can experience the peace and joy that is your true nature, pure, free and forever.

Laypeople as well as health care professionals and yoga instructors practice Transformation Meditation and teach meditation to their clients or students. These methods are easily integrated into your everyday life. They do not require that you receive a secret mantra, that you keep any secrets, or that you join any organization. There are over 180 teachers listed worldwide.

Transformation Meditation also helps you to understand the purpose, experience and outcome of meditation: physiologically, psychologically and spiritually. Having this more complete knowledge of meditation will expedite the process by allowing you to have an understanding of what is happening in you own mind, body, and nervous system while practicing meditation. This will allow you to be free from doubts about whether you are meditating correctly, and to experience the meditative awareness at any time which is the direct knowledge of your true Self as pure, free and forever!