Sunday, 25 September 2011

Poetry by Shree

 Creeper of Love, by Shree ( Sherrie Wade)

The creeper of love crept into my being
I was just space but when I saw your face,
A sense of delight came like a flash
Filled me with unity of the world’s mash.
But, I became one and you as another
The two of us separate and needing each other.
Unity appeared but forms never really connect
Bodies remain always separate and erect.

But, when I truly love it all dissolves
No such sense of you and me remains.
Love is eternal and not bound with form
Yet the form claims it and suffering adorns.

To remain in love is the knowledge supreme
This highest love is our eternal dream.
One love, one space, regardless of form
Its elements dissolve into the storm.
The clouds, sun and stars are the same pure space
The earth. wind, and fire are all of God’s grace.

No separate element belongs to me
I am the whole and all dissolves in me.
That Me is the love I was so desperately seeking
One Being alone is the transcendence of all thinking.

Sun’s Light on the Peaks, by Shree (Sherrie Wade)

The sun setting in the West lights up Eastern peaks
The rays of light create sunlight’s image that speaks.
Soon the sun will fully set
No light reflected or in debt.
The mountain has no light of its own
It will no longer be seen or lit all alone.

The eyes see from the Self’s light
The myriad of forms totally bright.
Without knowing Self’s reflection
One never knows nature’s perfection.
The light of the Self lights body and mind
The world of forms experienced but kind.

Without the Self’s light, eyes would not see a flower
They would only see darkness, all around world tower.
You create your world through your own lit vision
Borrowed from the Self is your sight’s decision.
You shine though eyes so vision is bright
The power of the Self is eternal light.

So why do you think that the world is reality?
When the power to know is Self’s lit modality.
You are lit with the light of Self’s maize
Like the mountain is lit by sun’s rays.
The Self lights you like sun on the mountain top
When it subsides you sleep and that you cannot stop.

You never think that the mountain is the light alone
So why do you think that your light is in your bone?
The light that lights you up is who you are
That power of knowledge, your source’s star.
So know the Self’s I, the pure light supreme
Then you can awaken from this worldly dream.

You are my Holiday, by Shree (Sherrie Wade)

I used to work and wait for the day
That I could rest and go away.
My mind would be fixed on the upcoming holiday
Getting though each moment to soon fly away.
To rest on a beach or climb up to a mountain top
To find a space that was peaceful and relaxed.
But my mind came with me and it took some time
To let it settle and forget the daily ruminating grime.
Maybe after a few days or a week
My mind forgot its suffering and would speak.
That now I am relaxed but have to return
To work and my daily routine to again earn.

Now it has changed as I am One alone
The holiday is always at my true home.
My attention moved from the changing thoughts in the mind.
To the source of the mind where I am forever aligned.
The Pure Self alone is the eternal space that I know
The holiday is at my home in my daily meditation show.

The mind’s thoughts are like the wind through growing trees
Which come from seeds, become full, and move in the breeze.
The source, Pure Self, never moves as it is unchanging
Now my heart is rejoicing forever and is free ranging.
You are my holiday, the One Self so happy and free
Unmoving, unchanging and never needing rearranging.
You are my holiday, so I never need to go away
I am You forever, everywhere, so here I stay.