Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Two Enlightening Poems

Breaking out of the Egg of Creation

Like a chicken in an egg ready to be hatched
Wanting to be released into space, unattached.
The waking state keeps me covered, a shell in place
Like an egg shell, mind covers freedom and space.
The Pure Self illuminates the mind and then
The mind thinks it is self-luminous and a friend.
That power of the Self now penetrates the mind
This makes me believe it is real, not sublime.

I am wanting to make this break
From this human emotional quake.
The ego is stuck on the illusory wheel
“I am born and someday I will die.”
As long as I remain fixed to this identity
I remain bound from Self’s serenity.
Not knowing the truth that I am I, alone
Never born and never becoming a stone.

Pure Self alone all this is
No separation or karmic biz.
The Self illuminates mind and ego’s needs
But that Self is needless and forever frees.
The Self forever the same can break out
Of mind’s pride and endless doubt.
The knowledge of Self who we truly are
Breaks me free from the body's car.
The illusory ego is then broken
I am free to fly and this can be spoken.
The emanation of the Being is forever, needless, and free
We already are this, so live in total freedom, just be!

Dec. 15, 2011
Himalayas, India

Under the Umbrella of Shyam

We are under the umbrella of Shyam
The blue/black space of eternal calm.
The purity of all is there
No need to shield in despair.
Just like the air becomes still
Or wild and without care.
The space of Shyam remains forever
Moving or still, most highly clever.

The purity alone is, but can be hidden
Behind the cloud of the mind it’s sitting.
As the sun dissolves the clouds into sky space
Fire of knowledge dissolves mind without a trace.
When the clouds of thoughts are cleared away
What remains is You, so now let that stay.
Pure, free, forever you already are
Just abide by it, it's never far.

Nov. 10, 2011
Himalayas, India

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