Monday, 16 July 2012

Two New Enlightening Poems, by Shree

Ever-Present Self-Effulgent You Are

Ever-present Self-effulgent you are
Mind cannot know this, close nor far.
You try to think and make it true
But the thoughts can never lead to You.
They come they go
Sometimes fast sometimes show.
They form your personality
But thoughts have no truth or reality.

In deep sleep you are still there
Even though your thoughts are nowhere.
So how then can you remain free from thinking?
When the mind’s job is to keep on linking?
The waking state forms with all events,
In deeps sleep dissolve all its contents.
When you know the ever-present Being
That Being is Self-effulgent and it’s all you are seeing.
When the forever free remains
You know this and never have any pains.
The thinker you are, not the changing mind’s state
The thinker or Knower is your pure Self-effulgent fate.

June 19, 2012

The Waking State is but a Dream:
All is One Self–Pure Being

When you dream where did you go?
You are lying in bed so how do you know?
The same you is the dreamer the one who was awake
Now you are sleeping but who is at stake?
You create all figures, forms and scenes
They come from you so they are the same Being’s.

The Pure Consciousness that you forever are
Creates the show like an engineer creates a car.
In your dream many characters appear but you alone are
In the waking state you are your own movie’s star.

If everyone was the same
And met your preferential game,
Then the movie of life
Would not be joy, with struggle and strife.
All would be the same
And not this truly intriguing game.

So the Pure Consciousness that we all are
Creates this puppet show for our own enjoyment.
All is one Self without the personality flaw,
We enjoy all the characters that we have created
From the same source it is never belated.
No need to change anyone only your own mind
Seeing your own Self everywhere forever, your kind.

Himalayas, July1,  2012

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  1. Nature poems are based on natural themes and human emotions with a combination of colors, feelings and rhythm.